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Barely a Team

Houston, TX

Barely a Team is anything but ordinary. Joe Groen and Noah Raine are the jack of all trades. Producing, mixing, and mastering a majority of their instrumentals, their songs are distinct and their lyrics breathe originality. Barely a Team incorporates elements of Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Electronic, Pop, and alternative music. 

Barely a team is an open minded duo who support all genres of music, cultures, religions, and people. They grew up in The Woodlands, TX, which is a blessing and a curse. This city was recently voted in 2021 as the “Best City to Live in”, according to Niche.com, which means these two witnessed luxury, but still experienced financial hardship. These two are Houston travelers, so the experience of different regions and income levels planted a humble seed in how these two approach their everyday lives. The breakaway from the bubble of an extravagant environment, and the realization that materiality is only temporary is an underlying driving force for Barley a Team’s music. Barely a Team not only pushes for intellectualism, but creates a plethora of moods that only they can possess. Their music is fun, unique, and melodic while still providing heavy bass & drums to dance to. Since they were thirteen, they have been working to achieve a type of sound no one else can create. They produce, mix, and master a majority of their tracks in merely a couple of hours. They are able to hone in on a vibration that can settle the soul and portray it to the world in record time. They are the new generation. They are Barely a Team.